BodyPump at home: my 1st-experience thoughts. (Les Mills On Demand!)

You guys. I just finished BodyPump #99, and it was no joke. It was also at home.

Les Mills has an online option called “On Demand,” thus you can kick your own ass when you miss a workout at the gym… or when you don’t have a gym membership, at all.

Our one-year Les Mills On Demand subscription was one of my birthday gifts to Callaghan, since he often laments that he doesn’t have time to make it to the gym. We got this subscription a few days ago, which happened to be just in time – there wasn’t a class at the gym this morning, but I still got to do it!

We have a full set of dumbbells up to 30 lbs at our house, so that was what I used. You don’t need a step platform, or platform risers, or a barbell, or weight plates, or a garage gym! I did the entire 55-minute workout in my living room using just the dumbbells and my yoga mat (the latter for the first time – I’ve had it for years and the only purpose it’s served up until now was to hold the duster in my cleaning supplies closet, haha).


When a gym selfie is a home selfie but still a gym selfie


Of course, I have a few first-impression thoughts.

Advantages: I don’t feel the need to wear a thong to avoid panty-lines (just being real with you here). I don’t need to apply sunscreen twice (no before, just after), so that saves me $$ on that. There’s no taking time to get to the gym and back. There’s no mad rush to retrieve and replace equipment, and no worrying about getting in anyone’s way while getting set up. I can do the class whenever I want, at my own convenience, and I can choose any workout I desire from any of the different Les Mills classes available On Demand.

Disadvantages: I don’t get to see my people.

For me, that one disadvantage outweighs all of the advantages, so my preference will always be to go to the gym to do the class. Where BodyPump is concerned, On Demand will save the day when class isn’t available, or when transportation isn’t available, or if I have a virus and I don’t want to expose others.

For my first Les Mills On Demand BodyPump workout, I chose release #99, because it’s my favorite. I worked just as hard, sweated just as much, and got my heart-rate up just as high as I do at the gym. I loved it. It was fun even though I was alone (albeit not as fun as in class). I felt like I got in a good workout, which kind of surprised me, I must admit!

I’m planning to use On Demand to replace BodyPump at the gym when needed, but my main goal with it is to add a second BodyCombat class to my week. Callaghan plans to do both Pump and Combat at home on a regular basis, though he will join me at the gym whenever possible.

I highly recommend checking out Les Mills On Demand as an option if you want to do your workouts at home!


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