About Me

"Hello, my name is Kristi Garboushian." Thanks for visiting.

“Hello, my name is Kristi Garboushian.” Thanks for visiting.


You might be wondering: Why the title “That Asian-Looking Chick”? I’m American with an ethnic heritage of half English, half Japanese. A random guy once referred to me as “that Asian-looking chick” when pointing me out to his friends, and I heard him. And saw him. He actually pointed at me. But it was one of those situations where a bunch of us were standing around and multiple conversations were taking place at once, so no one cared who saw or heard what. Being 19 and more easily amused than offended, I thought it was hilarious. Thanks for the inspiration, Random Guy!

I was born in San Francisco, California, raised in San Jose, and left at 18. I eventually landed in Arizona after kicking around on other continents, doing military things in Europe and the Arabian desert (there was this incident called the Gulf War, and I somehow got ensnared in it). I love the Sonoran desert, though, which is why I have no plans to leave here. This is a different desert. The American Southwest is home.

As a child, one of my playmates predicted that I would “turn into a book” because I was always reading, but her prediction never came to pass. I’m still human. I love martial arts/combat sports and fitness, but also airport vending machines that hold jalapeño potato chips. I get swept up in music that annoys other people, but I’m mostly allergic to jazz, which I realize will keep me out of Mensa. I’m okay with that.  I nurture my love-hate relationship with the Oxford comma. I’m a creative writer. Animal rights are my cause of choice, I passionately believe there is no life without pasta, I’m 95% intolerant of romantic comedies, I’m hyper-phobic of roaches, my favorite article of clothing is a Star Wars nightshirt, and now I’ve said too much.

But here’s more: I’m married to a French artist who designs motorcycles, amusement parks, and themed attractions, and he goes by the irrational nickname “Callaghan.” We live in Tempe, Arizona with Nenette and Cita, our kids of the feline persuasion.

I hold a BA in English with a minor in Philosophy, and an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry concentration).

There’s a lot of this and that in TALC, but I do try to cover it all. I upload new posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the late morning/early afternoon (unless I’m in another time zone). Please hit the “subscribe” button in the sidebar if you don’t want to miss a post… and thank you for reading!


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