My Birthday!

I don’t feel 44 today… maybe because I haven’t hit my proverbial mid-life crisis yet. How does it work? Do I have to wait until I turn 45? That would mean I have a whole year left to plan, which is good because there’s a lot of stuff I can do, and I’ll probably change my mind numerous times. My list will need revisions. On the other hand, I’m kind of impatient; you spend your whole life inching toward this unique opportunity to do things you can get away with because you have this ready-made excuse.

Here’s my mid-life crisis list so far:

-smoke clove cigarettes and contemplate the philosophical ironies of my existence.

-set myself up as a psychic in a small old house. Live upstairs. Work downstairs.

-Adopt an ocelot.

-Make a sex tape with Callaghan.

-Listen to Def Leppard at night in the glow of a blue light bulb.

-Use my martial arts background as a springboard to a venture in mud-wrestling.

-Go the traditional route and buy a fancy sports car, leave my wife for a younger woman and make my kids call her “Mom.”

-Marry a French artist and move to his country, giving up half of what I own and leaving behind everything familiar to me. Start a career as a blogger. Oh, wait….

9 thoughts on “My Birthday!

  1. I think I’ve hit my midlife crisis – or midlife transformation which I like better. They say it happens around every 7 years so I’m right on the mark at 42. I love your list. 🙂


  2. Hi Angela, I love “midlife transformation,” too (this is the first time I’ve heard that term). I keep forgetting that you and I are about the same age! It makes sense. Thank you… the list will likely grow with time! =D


  3. I also keep forgetting that we are around the same age. It’s because we both look way younger! 🙂


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