Oh My Darling Clementine!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve glazed over the Champs-Elysées celebrations on T.V. (and some impressive performances on the France 3 channel, Can-Can dancers and all), and I enjoyed a fresh clementine. Callaghan is not a fan of citrus fruit, so I talked a little bit about the clementine as he watched me peel it.

“See how this clementine’s skin is thin, and it’s tightly wrapped around the fruit?” I asked. He was watching me with keen interest.

“The next time you eat a clementine, give it to me. I will prepare it for you,” he said gravely.

“Okay. You’re so wonderful!”

“Because I want to do something to your clementine.”

I couldn’t resist snatching up my laptop so I could tap out what he’d said. My memory is a joke, plus I was laughing, so there was a good chance I might have forgotten it.

So we had a great New Year’s celebration.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Bonne Année 2013!


EDITED TO ADD: Callaghan just peeled a clementine for me, carefully, with a knife – and he made a matching set of clementine candles for me. So that was what he meant!



4 thoughts on “Oh My Darling Clementine!

  1. Hi Colleen! I’m glad you enjoyed it! haha I loved that edit, too… I was so surprised at that twist! I hope you two have a wonderful New Year. oxox


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