Monsters under the Bed

I woke up this morning all motivated to jump onto to search for on-line writing jobs.

Callaghan was quick to inform me of its short-comings:

“ isn’t what it used to be. For one thing, like everything else, they ditched the fucking monster.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, remember they used to have a little monster mascot?”

“Oh. Yeah.”

But in actuality, I didn’t remember, because I’d never been to Thanks to Callaghan, I’m now prepared to confront a sadly monster-less site, which might shake my faith in its accuracy and ability to provide up-to-date job opening information. Isn’t it false advertising to call your site “Monster” without a monster anywhere in the picture? I don’t see how a job-search site with false advertising can be trusted. It makes me wonder what else could be missing.

I’m sure that all they need is a monster make-over. Maybe they could create different monsters to represent a variety of career fields? I have some ideas:

-Serial Killer career: Hand-cuffed monster

-Underwater Basket-Weaving career: Brain-dead monster

-Sperm-Donating career: Tired monster

-Bullshit Artist career: Tap-dancing monster

-Vampire career: Sparkly monster

-Werewolf career: Blurry monster

Callaghan read my list and made some weird faces, like he couldn’t decide whether to say anything. Whatever!

I still haven’t visited I might get around to it later today, but I’ve lost my motivation. Maybe I’ll go outside and play in the snow instead. I could make a monster snowman and name him “.com.”

2 thoughts on “Monsters under the Bed

  1. Wow I forgot about that site. I’ve never used it 🙂 Yeah I agree even I’d rather play out in the snow then job hunt 😉 I like the “sparkly monster” though I like everything sparkly lol! Well I have not “announced” this but I’ve prayed long and hard on this and since my neurologist has been backing me for years I applied for disability in September. It’s coming along nicely and even though most get denied first time? I believe that I will be accepted. I should hear an answer soon. I have such a sweet case worker 🙂 So I’ve made a HUGE leap of faith and decided to not return to work. I’m done. I’m officially a stay at home wife 🙂 I changed that to my work status on facebook and it’s all I will say there 😉 I’ve finally gotten my self with daily yoga, eating right and my amazing P.T. Travis has worked out the kinks in my body. Why would I go back to just get myself into a horribly painful situation. Again. Plus my disease has progressed and I have some spinal cord damage. It’s time to take care of myself full time 🙂 OK sorry just wanted to fill you in and not take over your blog 😉 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and good luck on that job search! xoxo


  2. Hi Colleen! Thank you for the update. I appreciate it. =) All I know is that you’re incredibly strong, and your attitude toward life in general has always been so inspirational… especially now. I’m sorry to hear that things have moved along to the point of spinal damage. I hope and pray that your medical team can find a way to halt the trajectory of your disease. Good for you for making the decision to apply for disability and to take care of yourself full-time. I’m sure that you’ll get approved. =) Your yoga, healthy eating and PT combination sounds like your holy trinity of well-being! You’re in my thoughts, always. =)
    Thank you for your good wishes on my job search! I’ll keep you informed. =) I hope your Sunday is awesome! =) oxox


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