It’s Labor Day! Let’s All Do a Whole Lot… of Nothing.

Today is the first Monday of September, which means that it’s Labor Day here in the States (and in Canada too, I think). The holiday celebrates workers, and its meaning is to rest. It also means that we – Callaghan and I – have no idea whether we should actually expect our huge house-shipping-from-France arrival event to happen today, as the shipping company had given us the awkward holiday weekend delivery window of Saturday through tomorrow.

How does it work with truckers and others whose jobs take them on the road for extended periods of time? Do they look at their little calendars on the dashboard and go, “Okay, it’s time to check into a motel!” and then sit there for 24 hours until it isn’t Labor Day anymore? Or do they just plow through the holiday, disregarding it completely? That wouldn’t seem fair. No one should have to work on Labor Day.

Or, as a former boss of mine used to sort of joke, people should actually work extra hard on Labor Day, a viewpoint shared by this guy:




It’s interesting how the way we think about work seems to be a reflection of what we do in life.

For example, yesterday, Callaghan was telling me about his friend who owns a restaurant in France.

“He’s a nice guy, but he’s not the best person for his job,” he said. “He should actually move to Costa Rica.”

“Why Costa Rica?” I asked, intrigued as always.

“Because he’s a sloth. He’s… very relaxed.” He went on to describe the guy’s slowness in bringing water and bread to the tables.

But of course! Only an artist/illustrator/cartoonist could so naturally reach such a conclusion. Leave it to Callaghan to get me forming mental images of sloths working in restaurants, balancing drink trays and platters of food on the ends of their long arms.

Anyway, have a great Labor Day! I don’t know what you’re doing, but we’re planning a Breaking Bad marathon… because we’re addicted. Har har!


2 thoughts on “It’s Labor Day! Let’s All Do a Whole Lot… of Nothing.

  1. Hi!!! *waves crazy like* I’ve misses you! (Hugs)

    I read all the time just not good at posting….but, I have a comment! *squeeze*

    Ok. So, the trucking question… They keep on rollin’. As my mom and boyfriend’s best friend always say, “if the wheels aren’t turning, the dough isn’t cooking.” Strange analogy, huh? I thought so but it makes sense to me.

    “Keep on truckin” -R. Crumb
    Underground cartoonist’s work is often a satire of the glorious mess of the modern world. He illustrated the phrase “Keep on truckin'” and it became a popular hippie motto.

    Describes my mother perfectly. Except she’s not a cartoonist but a hippy to the full definition of the word. Hehe *wink*

    Me, being the one with the automobile and all, should come visit sometime. You are only 3-4 hours away. *kiss kiss*


  2. Hi G! *hugs back* I’ve missed you, too!

    “Keep on truckin'” is a good motto. Hippies have a point there. =) I love that it became well-known because of a cartoonist!

    We would love it if you would come to visit! We must plan to meet up one way or the other at some point. *hugs*


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