Nounours had dental work.

Three weeks ago, the fur-kids went to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations, and two things came of it: Nounours had to have dental work, and he had to go on a diet. We’d known he needed to lose a few pounds, so that part wasn’t a surprise. We’d suspected that he was due for a teeth-cleaning, so that wasn’t much of a surprise, either. We were fully surprised, though, to learn that he needed to have at least one tooth extracted. Pauvre Nounours!

We got home and entered the house with Nenette thrilled that we brought her back with us (she has residual abandonment issues, poor little thing), Nounours happily unaware that he was scheduled for major dental work in the next few days, and Callaghan and I feeling like the most terrible, negligent cat parents in the world. How could we not have known that he had a mangled tooth rotting in his mouth? He must have been in pain or at least uncomfortable for a while, and we could have helped him a lot sooner. But we finally took him in, and he had his dental work. The doctor ended up having to extract two teeth, but the operation went well, and the rest of his teeth “cleaned up beautifully.”

Nounours had dental work, and he’s on a diet.


Dieting Nounours minus two teeth.

Dieting Nounours minus two teeth.


Nounours had dental work, and the cops are always at the downtown Tempe CVS.


Nounours had dental work, and he and Nenette will now occupy the kitty chairs at the same time in tacit acceptance of each other’s presence.


Mine. Yours. ~Nenette Whatever. I'm sleeping. ~Nounours

Mine. Yours. ~Nenette
Whatever. I’m sleeping. ~Nounours


Nounours had dental work, and by 5:30pm last Friday, a stack of fake IDs had already been confiscated at the place where we met with work friends.

That’s a lot of fake IDs so early in the evening.


Nounours had dental work, and there are parrots in the trees on campus.

He almost blends in!


Nounours had dental work, and Mommy got new reading glasses from Fry’s Electronics, of all places.


Nounours had dental work, and now he bears some resemblance to the Dos Equis Guy.




Same attitude. Same eyebrows. Same bottle of Dos Equis.

Happy Friday, All!

2 thoughts on “Nounours had dental work.

  1. Coucou Ma Belle !
    Kristi, I want to thank you. I read all your posts for quite a long time by now, and even if sometimes I don’t touch all the real essence of your prose, It makes me laugh or smile each time. It is always fresh and funny and so good for improving my english. A happy break !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coucou Chantal! Hey girl! =) Thank YOU… I appreciate your reading my posts, and I’m happy to know that you enjoy them and learn from them. I need to write more in French so I can improve, too! ~Gros bisous ❤


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