Unflinching (Haiku 8: Les Mauvaises Herbes)

This week revolved around ulcer pain. I spent time every day sitting outside with Cita the Unofficially-Ours outdoor cat, studying the weeds in our backyard.

Naturally, the weeds became a rabbit hole, and I fell in.


Haiku 8: Weeds (Les Mauvaises Herbes)

(by Kristi Garboushian)



acacia, mesquite, all your

rain shelters, sunsets.


Backyard weeds

Backyard weeds



Troubling beauty,

woodwork hovering above

lichen, strychnine, mulch.


Backyard weeds

Backyard weeds



Nomadic, les mauvaises herbes –

weeds unburying giants,

lost impermanence.


Backyard weeds

Backyard weeds



Subtropical silt

flickering immunity:

adornment and stain.


Backyard weeds

Backyard weeds


Thank you for being strange with me, wonderful readers!

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