“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” (Haiku 9: Steampunk) (Sharing original poems.)

~Mary Shelley, Frankenstein. Shelley also wrote: “There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.”

Steampunk happens sometimes. It just happens.

Haiku 9: Steampunk

(by Kristi Garboushian)


mechanics: Mary Shelley’s
gaunt ectoplasm.

Art by Edward Gorey ("Amphigorey Too")

Art by Edward Gorey (“Amphigorey Too”)


Inner workings breed
clockwork postmodernism –
no contradiction.

Antique helmet on antique German trunk

Antique helmet on antique German trunk


Dry leather-bound book
trembling with recovery,
Lovecraftian myth.




yesteryear, macabre air-
ship… gears, cogs, and all.

Antique gears

Antique gears

This was a fun set to write. Venturing into steampunk in my poetic imagination smacks of midlife crisis, perhaps! Finally! Also, I’m still marveling at the unexpectedness of this whole haiku adventure.

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