Clearing my mind. (Minimalism, post 6.)

In a warm comment the other day, a new subscriber (hello!)  wisely noted that “everybody’s version of minimalism is going to be different.” I loved that she wrote that. Her words inspired me and got me thinking about minimalism in a broader sense, leading me to ask myself:

What am I hanging onto in my mind that might be creating clutter? My answers:

  • The past… those negative parts of my past with nothing left to teach or offer me.
  • People… those who do not share my belief – sometimes long-held – that we’re connected in some meaningful way.

Getting at the heart of it, I’m becoming aware of the difference between decaying memories vs. thriving ones, and true, lasting personal connections vs. insincere or transient ones. Am I hanging onto rotten memories? Am I holding onto the belief that there’s a relationship where there isn’t one, or where there was never one?

Sour memories… I’ve been working to put them at rest.

Relationships that have been chimeras all along… I’ve been realizing and processing the illusory nature of them. It’s painful, somewhat, but it’s time to minimalize.

I write this without bitterness, in the spirit of realism.


through the water glass


Decluttering my mind has become a part of my minimalism journey. Just as I need to let go of things without personal value, meaning, and purpose, I need to let go of memories without without value, meaning, and purpose. I need to learn to let go of people, too. I need to work on clearing my emotional cache.

To me, minimalism is really about that… letting go. We’ve been hanging onto things, and now we’re striving to free ourselves from those attachments. Making this endeavor in a realm beyond the physical feels just as cleansing. To clear the mind of clutter is to make more space for treasured memories and real connections.


7 thoughts on “Clearing my mind. (Minimalism, post 6.)

  1. I started having these realizations (although much later than I should have) about memories and friendships. Letting go of friendships that no longer benefit you is really hard too, I wish you all the best with this. Let me know if you come up with a way to make it easier!

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  2. Thank you so much! I look up to all of you who are ahead of me on this path. Making these kinds of realizations later rather than sooner seems to be my unintended way, as well. I guess we come to them in our own time. It’s just that “why didn’t I realize this sooner” feeling, right? ~I will share any revelations I may have!

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  3. Thank you so much. I’m constantly learning from others and their experiences, so I’m glad that I can pay it forward here in some way!


  4. I totally agree, I started this blog so I could make the mistakes before other people and share what I’ve learned. I hope your journey gets easier soon!

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