2018’s going out like a…

My friends, there’s so much happening right now that I couldn’t begin to get into it even if I was at liberty to do so.

I looked up “Tasmanian devil” before sitting down to this post because I was going to say that 2018 is going out like a Tasmanian devil, but I didn’t find hard evidence that the real Tasmanian devil moves like a tornado blur. Looney Tunes is fake news. I did ascertain that a real Tasmanian devil resembles a cross between a rat and a bulldog. Anyway, 2018 is not going out with lethal ferocity, a set of bear-trap jaws, and a skeleton that looks like a human quadruped with a carnivorous dinosaur skull, so I can’t make that comparison. Also, no part of 2018 resembled a cross between a rat and a bulldog. Or maybe it did.

(Lest you think that I’m dissing Tasmanian devils, I will assert that I find them to be cute and fascinating.)

Suffice it to say that 2018’s going out super-fast. It’s barely visible behind the continuous, glittering fall of confetti it’s tossing into the air all the way to the new year. This is the opposite of what it looks like as it barrels toward January 1st:


Nenette napping in her winter sunbeam. (20 Dec. 2018)


Happy Friday Eve!



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