A ghost eye is lost in plain sight. (Coraline.)

Imagine that you’re alone in the house when you suddenly hear a feminine voice. It says, “a ghost eye is lost in plain sight.”

This happened to me last week. I was in the kitchen, and the voice came from the living room. I recognized that silky voice, and I knew those strange words… I’d heard them several times before. The speaker was Beldam, the aptly named evil crone in the animated film Coraline.

“A ghost eye is lost in plain sight” is the second part of a line that begins with “In each of the three wonders I’ve made just for you.”  

I went to the living room as I remembered that I’d started yet another re-watching of Coraline two days previously, and that I’d paused it. How did it un-pause itself after two days? Not only was my laptop in sleep mode when “a ghost eye is lost in plain sight” floated into the kitchen, but it was shut… and when I woke up the computer, the Netflix tab wasn’t even displayed. I found myself looking at a different tab. Tell me that’s not creepy.

Computers behave inexplicably at times, so there’s no point to the question of how this could happen. There’s no answer. It’s just a weird glitch.

The incident kind of threw me, though, as I think it would anyone. When you’re alone in the house and you suddenly hear Beldam intoning “a ghost eye is lost in plain sight” from the other room, it gives you a bit of a start.

Coraline has to be one of the spookiest non-horror films I’ve seen. Candy for the horror junkie! It’s one of my favorites.

Apropos of nothing, here’s your sometimes-Tuesday selfie (in which I demonstrate slouching on the couch):


Sitting on the couch is one of my many skills.


I’m thinking I should finish watching Coraline soon so I can shut down that tab. If I shut it down and I hear “a ghost eye is lost in plain sight” coming from the sleeping, closed computer again, I’ll have to wonder.



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