Strategy: layering. Mood: determined. (Random updates!)

Next week already! Next week is the week I’ll be out of town for five days of medical testing and evaluation. I’ll bring my laptop, so I should still be able to post here on Tuesday and Thursday.

It’s going to be colder where I’m going, so I’ve been thinking about what to bring. I suck when it comes to packing, even if I check the weather forecast up until my departure date. Don’t you hate when you’re at the end of a trip and you’re left with a suitcase full of things that mostly haven’t been worn? I’ll pack clothes for layering. That should work.

I’ll have access to a gym, which means I’ll be packing gym shoes, as well.

Have no doubt that I’m looking forward to putting on those gym shoes during my trip! I’m going to lift weights on my own for the first time since starting Body Pump, so I’ll be able to find out how much weight I can lift when doing regular sets (rather than how much I can lift at a fast pace, as we do in Pump).

June mood: determined.


First of June mood.


It was almost midnight when this pic was taken a few days ago. I was wiped out. ALSO, if my bedroom walls look especially white in this black-and-white pic, that’s because they are! We’ve been painting. Room by room, the brown walls in our house are vanishing. It’s magic.

Summer is afoot; for me, it’ll begin once I get back from my trip. I’m going to dig into my writing. The digging-in will actually begin while I’m gone, as I’m considering my trip to be a sort of writer’s retreat.

Leaving spring behind: look for my “May Favorites” post this Thursday. Until then!



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