Why I’m not an elegant lady.

I took a selfie late this morning thinking of you who request them. Then I considered what I could write to go with the pic, if anything specific. (Otherwise, I had several unrelated post ideas in mind.) Moving in and out of sites throughout the afternoon, I landed on a video recommended for me on YouTube… and I laughed. I watched the video and laughed even more. The video goes perfectly with my selfie!

YouTube recommended that I watch “10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!”


Because you asked


Haha! Thank you, YouTube, but I’m beyond help.

Things I wear that will preclude my ownership of an Elegant Lady card:

  • Gym clothes outside of the gym.
  • T-shirts.
  • Ripped jeans.
  • “90’s fashion.”
  • Cartoon or animal prints. (Not even a feminine haute couture frock with a butterfly embellishment is suitable for “high society.”)
  • Wrinkled/creased clothing.
  • Bags with wear and tear. (That Chanel bag with the hint of a scuff underneath? Trash.)

Those are seven of the ten rules that I violate. The three NO-NO’S that do not apply to me: crop tops, bandage dresses, and jean shorts.

From what I can gather, the person presenting this video has the best intentions: she wants to help you land on the arm of a billionaire. (What the discriminating billionaire may do on the side, however, probably wears every single item on the NO-NO list.) Her whole deal seems to be about affluent lifestyles and admission to the ranks of high society, billionaire husband included.

To each their own, I say. If Elegant Lady attire is you, then rock it! No judgement here. I just thought it was hilarious that “10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear!” popped up on my “recommended” list as I was thinking of what subject could apply to my selfie.

And of course I’m signing off with this helpful video. From Sumo to Elegant Lady, I’ve got your viewing needs covered this week! My work here is done.



Happy Friday Eve!



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