Body Pump: what the whole world did on Labor Day.

Yesterday morning, I jumped out of bed and into the car 20 minutes later to get to Body Pump. Like, that never happens! I didn’t think I’d land a spot in the class. I’d spent all of the previous day up until midnight reloading the gym app every half-hour in hopes that someone would drop their spot in the “FULL” class. I’d gone to bed thinking, well, there might be a last-minute cancellation in the morning.

And lo, there was one! When I got up with the alarm at 6:30am, the class was still full. When the alarm woke me up again two hours later, one spot was open. I grabbed it. Then I realized that I had to be on the road in 20 minutes if I wanted to make it on time, as none of my new gyms’ locations are close to me considering that I take surface streets everywhere. (You might remember that I don’t drive on the freeway anymore.)

Monday morning Body Pump always fills up to the max, but everyone wanted to go on Labor Day Monday. Yesterday’s class reached its limit within a few hours of open reservation on Sunday morning; it was full by noon!

I was elated to get my spot. I just had time to scrub my retainers and brush my teeth, throw my sunscreen and three different kinds of nutrition bars into my bag, jump into some gym clothes and shoes, gulp down my morning meds and supplements, and fill my thermos with water before hopping into the car.

Callaghan made fun of me for being that person doing her face (but it was just sunscreen!) while driving, though I did it while stopped at a red light. It’s hard to put on sunscreen while shoving protein bars into your mouth, by the way.

When I got to the gym, I found a line wrapped around the side of the group fitness room as people waited for the earlier class to finish.

By the time the class was set to begin, there were so many people in the room that we were crowded up to the mirror on either side of the instructor’s platform, and packed from one wall to the other from the sides. Also, yesterday was the first time I’ve seen a Pump class run out of equipment at my new gym.

The (substitute) instructor allowed walk-ins as long as there was still standing room and equipment, but it’s hard to gauge equipment availability when people are streaming in and out of the equipment room to grab weights. She advised us to share our weight plates with others if we weren’t using them at the moment.

I was just elated to be there. It was a kick-ass class with a super motivating substitute instructor who made a point of challenging us. I actually feel my biceps today!

So that was yesterday’s highlight. Today, I had to go to the V.A. in the morning for my annual mammogram. I wore one of my favorite t-shirts, and I took a selfie in it because you didn’t see this tee in my “current favorite t-shirts” post. I had to stop at 15!


Depeche Mode tee [9/3/2019]

I cut the neckline out of this one, of course. It’s Depeche Mode.

I’ll post my August Favorites list on Thursday!



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