Update on The Crud. (+ a stunning video about a stunning lake.)

Bet you didn’t think I’d subject you to yet another post about my ridiculous pneumonia situation. I feel that I should provide updates, which as of today should have simply been “I’m over it.” The current status is that I’m almost over it. And hey, I’m feeling a little better. I’ll take it.

I had a therapy appointment at the V.A. this morning. While I was there, I stopped by my primary care doctor’s office on account of my coughing despite having finished my antibiotics and steroids. The nurse sent me upstairs for another chest X-ray, which revealed the pneumonia continuing to lurk in my lower left lung lobe. It’s lurking feebly, though. It’s not as opaque as before, not as critical. I’m not over it yet, but I’m definitely improving! Definitely in recovery mode.

After the nurse told me this, I informed her that I’m planning on going back to the gym for Body Pump this Saturday. She stared at me. I quickly re-worded my announcement to turn it into a question. Am I okay enough to go back to the gym this Saturday? After some hesitation, she allowed that I can go if I take it really easy and stop if I get too tired or feel pain in my tendons. (It turns out that the risk of tendon injury as a consequence of my particular antibiotic, Levofloxacin, is no joke, especially since I was taking Prednisone at the same time. It seems that people post-Levofloxacin can remain vulnerable to tendon injuries.) (The things you learn when you actually read the literature that comes with the medication, man.)

The doctor then ordered more stuff from the pharmacy, so I stopped there on my way out. Cough pearls and another Albuterol inhaler. I’m all set!

For today’s pic, I’ll share this selfie that I just took, even though it’s a little blurry. Apologies for that.


Tired, but BETTER. [28 January 2020]


Touch of fatigue aside, I’m feeling pretty okay.

OH! This is so random, but I also wanted to share with you a mini-documentary beautifully crafted by my favorite mortician. I’ve been fascinated by the Great Lakes since I visited Michigan and crossed over to Mackinac Island by ferry; I couldn’t believe the vastness of this body of water that was actually a lake. It was mind-blowing. All of this… is… fresh water?!

These lakes are legendary for a reason. Lake Superior is gorgeous and terrifying. A lake. Respect.



Also, I’ve always loved this song by Gordon Lightfoot, “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald.” Now I know the story behind it.



Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours? 


Until Thursday, my friends.



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