Anything that could be grafted has been grafted. (Oral surgery 3-month post-op report! FINAL for real.)

I realized that I owe an update to those of you following my adventures in gum-grafting. Thank you for your interest! This little report will be the last one, because it’s about my three-month post-op appointment that took place in the middle of July. I am remiss, but I’m here with it now.

The outcome of the appointment? My doctor is highly pleased with the lower graft. I didn’t know that he had that kind of enthusiasm in him, because he wasn’t as happy with the way my upper graft did back in November. I would even venture that he was dismayed by it. The two surgeries for the same objective couldn’t have been more opposite. November’s surgical post-op was rough. Healing was slow. My personal belief is that the cadaver whose tissue is now in my mouth was someone I’d wronged in a past life. They got their revenge.

With my own tissue being used for May’s surgery, I can say with certainty that I haven’t wronged myself, because everything about the surgery was as close to perfect as it could be.

I still feel a somewhat unpleasant weirdness in the tissue-harvesting site on the roof of my mouth, but I’m accustomed to it, and I know that over time, it’ll feel like nothing again. I’m eating everything with no issues, even if it’s slightly uncomfortable at times.

Speaking of eating, let me be obnoxious for a second and show you what I devoured for dinner this evening. It was simple and sublime because it was two of my favorite foods on one plate, and those plates are the best!


Roasted Brussels sprouts with steamed cold Japanese sweet potato


I had to run a couple of errands after work today, and I was so late getting home that I decided to prepare the food before my workout, rather than after. The roasted Brussels sprouts were room temperature and the Japanese sweet potato was chilled and it was all such a blessing.

Looping back around to the surgery, there will be no further post-op reports. If I had a triple row of teeth I’d be anticipating my third gum-grafting surgery, but alas, I only have the upper and lower rows.

The End.



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