The eleventh month. (November Favorites!)

My fingertips are no longer painful and bleeding. I’ve kept my hands coated in Aquaphor these last few days, and it’s helped a lot! My hands are coated in Aquaphor right now, and if you know what Aquaphor is, then you can imagine that writing is a little bit tricky at the moment. It’s a thick, heavy, greasy ointment, and it’s hella-incredibly effective in the treatment of severely dry, cracked and bleeding fingers. It doesn’t play nicely with laptops or other devices, though.

So I’m going to leave you with mostly just the visuals for the little things that I enjoyed in November. The Netflix films and series that start this list are simply outstanding, all of them well worth your viewing consideration. I’m including the trailers here for the sake of convenience.

Let’s get right into it!


1). The Devil All the Time (Netflix original film)




2). My Octopus Teacher (Netflix original film – documentary)




3). The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix original limited series)




4). Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (Netflix original film – documentary)




The fact of the matter is that minority groups win fairness via activism. The disabled were no exception. Crip Camp tells the story.


5). Quiddler.


Quiddler card game


I’ve been obsessed with Quiddler! I love playing cards and I love words, so it would be surprising if I didn’t enjoy it. Quiddler is an award-winning card game that consists of a double deck of cards with letters instead of numbers. The game can be played competitively with two or more people (it’s a rummy/scrabble hybrid), or it can be played alone, as solitaire. My obsession lies in the latter. I’ve loved solitaire since I was introduced to it ~40 years ago, and I never had any interest in playing it digitally… I’ve used the same deck of cards since my late uncle won it off a table at Harrah’s in Las Vegas and gave it to me. I was something like 12 years old. Quiddler is the second deck of cards I’ve acquired in my life.

Fun Fact: Quiddler comes from Fountain Hills, AZ, right here on the outskirts of Phoenix!


6). Women’s Calysta Sport Bottom Winter Boots (Universal Thread at Target).


Women’s Calysta Sport Bottom Winter Boots (Universal Thread at Target)


The first day my toes went numb at work, I came home and ordered these boots from Target. They’re incredible, just super comfortable and warm. My feet stay cozy in them all day!

That’s all I’ve got for November, friends. Stay safe and well!



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