‘Twas the post before Christmas, and all was random.

It’s not the night before Christmas, but this is my post before Christmas, so I mainly want to wish you all a merry one. Christmas day marks one week before the new year, so we should have a merry one, indeed. It will be the dark before the dawn. 2020 is dying down at last, and I love a dark Christmas.

I’m in the honeymoon phase with my new desk, meaning that it’s still clean and orderly. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I know that a person of the literary persuasion is stereotypically too engrossed in their craft to think of tidying the desk. A neat and clean desk in the office of a writer is suspicious. I promise that I’m a real poet and writer; I’ll declare my desk a disaster soon enough.

I’m in a good mood.

Sometimes all it takes is the memory of a quirky coincidence, like the time I drove home for lunch behind a pale-colored pickup truck with a white washing machine in its bed, secured with ties and facing me, and then, 15 minutes later, I drove back to work on that same street and found myself behind another pale-colored pickup truck transporting another white washing machine facing me. What are the odds that I’d drive down the street staring at a washing machine, and then drive back staring at a different-but-similar washing machine tied down in a different-but-similar pickup truck? Weird random coincidences like that. I only take one street to and from work, and that day, the universe said that I’ll make the short roundtrip lunchtime jaunt behind some pale pickup truck transporting some backwards-facing white washing machine or another. (No, the universe was not telling me to do my laundry. I’d done it recently.)

Outlook makes the difference between inane observation and amusing coincidence, is what I’m saying. If the washing machine thing is any indication, my outlook is positive these days. These months, actually. The washing machine thing happened a few months ago. Yes, I’m easily amused, BUT.

I’m in a good mood, and I’m also feeling somewhat restless. I have big feelings about big things that I can’t talk about. I want to share everything with you, but I have good reason for keeping certain things under wraps for the time being.

Today I went to the V.A. to have my annual mammogram, which revealed the cold hard truth that I’m never going to be a contortionist.

Also at the V.A. today, I went to the pharmacy to pick up some refills along with a new medication. I’m now being medicated for OCD. It’s official. I figured this day would come. If you have OCD tendencies and serve in the armed forces, you know that this day will come. Dress-right-dress and all that. I could never shake it. It just intensified. My case is mild, though, thankfully. I’m okay with it.

I miss the Army.

Oh! I was browsing “best of Craigslist” tonight, and I saw that on January 20, 2020, an Arizonan posted a Craigslist “for sale” ad for a white hearse with purple flames on the sides and “the last ride” inscribed on the back beneath a graphic of a bowler hat. One year from that posting, January 20, 2021, certain keys will change certain hands.

Also in 2021, I’m going to be a ninja armed with a boxcutter for Halloween.

I’m getting way ahead of myself, though. I’ll stop dwelling on Halloween for just a minute to say Merry Christmas and everything that you celebrate!

See you on the flip side, friends.


4 thoughts on “‘Twas the post before Christmas, and all was random.

  1. Kristi- I love your posts… You are a breath of fresh air… you are wiling to share your struggles, and give us the opportunity to feel trusted, to feel compassion, and to feel… So many on social media share only their accomplishments… so dull.
    So, you imply that the “Last Ride” with purple flames, might be your new wheels… that would be so awesome!
    Cheers to the end of 2020!

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  2. Merry Christmas you guys! I ditched facebook awhile back. Too many politics. I hope the big thing on the horizon works out, whatever it is! Your comment about the hearse was confusing, I didn’t understand.


  3. Thank you, Eddie! I don’t blame you for ditching FB. I mostly have, too, as you probably could tell… I disengaged in 2017 for the same reason that you did. I re-read my post, and I’m confused by my comment about the hearse, too, to tell you the truth, though I loved the offbeatness of the ad. I also found and fixed a typo. I need to stop writing these in the middle of the night when I’m half-asleep. I hope you’re doing well!


  4. Thank you… and I appreciate and adore you, Kathleen. It’s true, I do feel comfortable sharing with all of you in this little space. I know that I’m in good company here, and that many of you can relate. Ha, I wish that “the last ride” with purple flames could be my new wheels! I have to admit that upon reading my post in broad daylight, I’m not sure what I meant with all of that. Embarrassing. I did enjoy the ad, though! ~Happy New Year to you, too! *hugs*


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