Exquisite Corpse poem using TALC search terms!

So I came up with a weird little poem that I absolutely love. I don’t have to be modest about it, because you’re the ones who wrote the lines… you whose internet search terms brought you here, if any of “you” are still here, that is.

I put this together at the suggestion of Caroline, who ventured that it might be fun to craft an exquisite corpse poem out of my blog’s search terms. A challenge! Thought I. Rather than the Missed Connections subject lines I glean from Craigslist, I’ll use your search terms.

She was right. It was fun.

I used many of the search terms I’d listed in my recent post, plus a few more that I found as I dug through hundreds and hundreds going back to 2012.

Oh, and if you recognize your words in this poem, worry not, for I have no knowledge of your identity… no idea who you are, where you are, or anything else. All I can see are the terms, themselves. These caught my eye for one reason or another, so thank you.

My own contributions to the poem are some punctuation marks, capitalizations, and spelling corrections along with the words “and,” “not,” “because,” and “with.” All the rest is all you.


From the Hundreds: Search Term Exquisite Corpse

Night fury,
dead boy in love,

body disposal scene with acid.

Trilogy of terror:
Palm tree roaches,
Reacher’s creatures,
flesh-eating bacteria.

Mandingo vs asian chick:
industrial dance boy.
Hydrogen peroxide vs flesh:
rob zombie clown.
Aristotle on minimalism:
ezema ginka porn.

Is body combat good for martial arts fitness?
Does hydrogen peroxide kill flesh-eating bacteria?
Does hydrogen peroxide eat away at your flesh?
The dude
is not in
leave a message


ukulele jokes.

What do you get when you cross a flamingo
with dinner short horror?

Velociraptor! save doors –
Panic! at the disco –
Panic! at the Costco –

because orange is the new black, and

(cactus with long sharp thick spikes)

Asians’ selfies in mirror….

Flavor that comes from an insect.
Polar lights headless horseman.
Ex machina Asian.





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