The Cold Moon.

Last night’s Cold Moon was the year’s full moon in Gemini, and I had feelings about it. For one thing, it was the last full moon of the year. For another thing, the Cold Moon is simply a special moon to me. It rises in Gemini, the polarity of Sagittarius (as is the way of the full moons – they rise in the zodiac polarities of the sun), and I feel a unique connection with Gemini. Among other small things I did with respect to the Cold Moon, I set out a vessel of filtered water to charge in the moonlight, and my crystals and gemstones alongside it.

This morning I brought them in just before dawn, before the sun could touch them, and later used the water to make moon water tea.

My favorite swampy Matcha green tea made with moon water

As well, I meditated and took note of the random thoughts that wandered into my mind before I cleared them out:

1). Like it or not, I can always count on this progression: The day will become the night. The night will become the too-late.

2). There are no real answers. Every day, there are more questions.

3). Memories are recycled, in a sense. Everything is a reminder of something.

4). In some cases, grief carries on to infinity.

5). I’m most alive when I have a challenge and a plan in front of me… when I’m taking action.

6). I love the sound of a train in the distance.

Some of this may sound bleak, but it doesn’t feel as much as I approach the contours of my experience on Earth. #5 is one of many ways in which I recognize that the element of fire lights up my core and drives me through life. Fire is about action and will. It’s the opposite of bleak.

Meanwhile, speaking of fire, I’m taking great and perverse pleasure in the challenge of keeping warm in a cold house. It was 62F in here when I woke up this morning, and I delighted in it. By January I may decide to turn on the heater, but for now, keeping the house cold is the business.

We spoiled desert rats love the heat, but desert rats also know that the desert gets cold in the winter, so why should it be a big deal? If we’re acclimated to the heat of the summer, then we should also be acclimated to the cold in the winter. But somehow, it is a big deal. I’ve always struggled with the cold.

The issue might actually have more to do with the desert’s dramatic temperature range in the winter: we’ll have nighttime temps in the 30’s or 40’s while daytime temps rise into the high-60’s or low-70’s. We can experience a 20- to 25-degree difference in temperature within a 24-hour period, and during the day it’ll be chilly while the sun almost always shines bright in a clear blue sky. It’s hard to reconcile our day and night temperatures. I do like a challenge, though.

I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful day or night, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Until next time, my friends.

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