New Year’s post and Happy New Year to you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!! [::throws confetti::]

My 2-year retrospective and new year projection in a microscopic nutshell:

2020 was freeing for me while it was disastrous for the world, and I feel kind of guilty about that.

2021 was heinous. 2021 is unforgivable. One of my furbabies was murdered in 2021.

2022, though, is going to be wondrous in the best of ways, because I’m going to make it so. Oh yes, my friends. Oh yes.

This year, I don’t have goals, per se. I don’t have resolutions. Better than goals and resolutions, I have areas of focus. My life is a journey of learning and growing, and so “areas of focus” is more apt.

My areas of focus for 2022, then (as revealed to me by my spirit guides): boundaries, intuition, healing, gathering practical knowledge, embracing imperfection, continuing to provide for/protect stray backyard residents (one cat at a time), prosperity, psychic abilities, and the cultivation of wonder.

Nenette’s area of focus is to be snuggly in the pile of blankets and my white robe that I now leave on the bed for her. My bed is always made, but you’d have a hard time seeing that, as I pile blankets on top of blankets over the whole thing. Nenette loves it.

tonight – January 2, 2022
Not complaining
Not complaining
Nenette on Christmas Day – not complaining.

I hope you’re having a wonderful, marvelous, magnificent start to the new year, however that translates in your life. Maybe you started the new year with an airplane jump. Maybe you started it binge-watching a series. Exhilarating or chill or anywhere in between, I hope it was good. And I hope that 2022 brings you peace.

Blessings to you all.

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