Sumo Haiku 2: Second (Terunofuji, Kaisei, Daishomaru, Okinoumi) (Sharing original poems.)

Whether you’re a faithful reader or just someone who stumbled into this space, welcome to the second day of my Sumo Haiku project!

I’m enjoying this project. I would love for others to see and appreciate the beauty of Sumo as well as that of haiku.

If you haven’t seen it already, click here to read Sumo Haiku Day One with its introductory, explanatory opening text. I’ll go ahead and re-post the disclaimer part here, though:

[DISCLAIMER: In these haiku, you’ll read purely fictitious portrayals of the wrestlers, simple whims of my imagination as I considered each one. I actually know nothing of the inner lives and selves of these guys.]

I’ll introduce each haiku with the name and photo of the wrestler. The haiku about that wrestler will appear beneath his photo.


Sumo Haiku 2: Second (Terunofuji, Kaisei, Daishomaru, Okinoumi)

(by Kristi Garboushian)


  1. Terunofuji

Ancestral fighter
redolent of sandalwood:
the older brother.


2. Kaisei

No expectations.
He doesn’t want to offer
anything that asks.


3. Daishomaru

…adores reading and
inviting consequences
into rooms of art.


4. Okinoumi

He looks in their eyes
like he’s gazing at his death.
He rarely wears gold.