We’re moving!

In September 2011, The Universe poured us a tall glass of France. The Universe was generous.

Universe: Say “when.”

(fast-forward 17 months)

Us: When!

That was in January. Since then, we’ve been super busy preparing to move. We’re now less than two months away from moving day.

While there are aspects of France I’ll miss, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t excited to be continuing on our amazing journey as a couple living completely irrational lives.

We’re heading across the pond to Austin, Texas. It’s on the eastern edge of the American Southwest, which I love. (Yeah, I was the 22-year-old girl who moved to Phoenix “temporarily” and wound up staying for 20 years. I’m a heat-addict.) Austin has a 100% approval rating from everyone we know who knows it.

Us: Hey Austin – Joe, Holly, Nick, Davey, Eden, Tracy, Christa and the person who wrote that cool book about bats have all told us so much about you!

Austin: Only good stuff, I hope.

Us: Of course! Here we come!

Austin: You seem weird enough. Especially him. Knock yourselves out. Oh, and BY THE WAY we’ve been targeted by that crazy man in North Korea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, okay.

In addition to its obvious advantage of having a legendary flock of bats under a bridge, Austin has a low cost of living and a diverse music and art scene. It’s a state capital and a university town, and it’s on the Colorado River. We’ve never been there, and we’re especially loving the excitement of that! We’re looking forward to exploring a new place together.

As for the transient bats we have with us here in France, well… they’ll just have to carry on without us, those shameless little camera whores.


The bat crew

The bat crew


Look! They're wearing pants!

Look! They’re wearing pants!


Posing for Myspace

Posing for Myspace


"Do you seriously think an Austin bat could be a cute as ME?"

“Do you seriously think an Austin bat could be a cute as ME?”




  1. Austin is awesome. I have been there!!!!
    And it has a beautiful lake – even with dog parks!!!!
    Are you taking your little goats with you?
    Did your cat return?

    I think I would looove to live in Austin: warm weather, TexMex food, nice landscapes…… awesome!


  2. Hi Antje! Cool! I’ve heard about the beautiful lake(s) in Austin, and I can’t wait to eat Mexican food again. That’s one thing I’ve missed A LOT since leaving Arizona. Our little goats already went to live with the neighbor. He’s got grandkids who adore them, so that’s working out well. =) As for Detta, no, she hasn’t returned yet.


  3. You should do very well in Austin! There motto is “Keep Austin Weird”…you will certainly assist them in their goal, lol! I visit my sister who lives a couple of hours away several times a year, so don’t be surprised if I stop by sometime! I hear its a good place to hand out Pamphletry! Lol! 😉


  4. Poetry, haha, I’ll try! Yes, please please please stop by. Also, we need to visit AZ soon. =D


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