2 thoughts on ““See Photos of Senior Singles Near You!”

  1. This cracks me up! I am 50 but it doesn’t calculate in my brain 😉 Crazy? I’ve never received anything like this in an email. John is the same age as me and he has gotten AARP stuff in the mail. My sister is 49 and she told me I should check out their car insurance and save my self a bundle. You know what? I’m going to! Age is just a number and I’m all about saving money and using it for much more fun things then car insurance 😉 I’m in the best shape of my life (though through my fibromyalgia I don’t always feel good but I don’t look sick) Anyway you will always look young and beautiful! You haven’t aged or changed a bit since I met you, which has been about 9 years now?! I think we both share the same attitude on this “age thing” I feel blessed every year I’m alive! 😉


  2. Hi Colleen! You have to be the youngest 50 I know, and you’re such an inspiration! The way you manage your health (with its challenges of fibro and your cervical spine disease) is truly impressive. ~I never did make it back to yoga as I’d planned at one point, but I got back into martial/fighting arts, which is really my passion, anyway. =) I agree… age is just a number, and once that number equals discounts, great – I’ll take it! Thank you… you look young, beautiful and unchanged, too (has it really been 9 years since we met? OMG!), and I can say the same for you. =) Yes… we are blessed to be alive. oxox


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