MISSING: A Tale of Woe (A Story in Pictures)

It was a dark and stormy night bright day two months ago when Salazar vanished. In case you didn’t know, Salazar is the identical twin brother of Umberto. I clearly remember posting this picture of the forlorn Umberto to my instagram:




The twin donkeys were close, and Salazar’s disappearance was an utter calamity. Umberto has been devastated, and I, myself, having gotten used to their company after working a good part of the summer in otherwise near-solitude, have also been missing Salazar.

As people began milling around the workplace more toward the end of summer, I’d occasionally ask after Salazar. No one seemed to have a clue as to his whereabouts. In fact, for reasons I can’t fathom, no one seemed to even take me seriously.

Salazar remains missing to this day. Meanwhile, this notice has been affixed to our prominent yellow pegboard:




It was there when I got to work yesterday morning. I walked past it all day, and I couldn’t help but think, If that pegboard is now functioning as a message board, I ought to add a notice of my own.

A missing adapter in need of his medication can’t be the only hapless thing to deserve a “Missing” notice on a gigantic bright yellow pegboard that one encounters immediately when entering our space. Surely, Umberto deserves to have a flyer made to help find his brother.

As luck would have it, le graphiste extraordinaire was up to the task last night. Thanks to Callaghan, I shall be bringing this notice with me to work this morning:




But here’s the twist: Callaghan also found that he happens to have the very same kind of adapter as advertised in Cooper’s “Missing” notice. (These things happen when you’re unpacking after a move. Random things turn up in odd places.) He found it with Ronnie James, who was sitting at the table with a look of expectation and a mysterious vibe about him.





The result of which, of course, is this second notice that I’m bringing with me to work today:




And that, my friends, is why it’s always a good idea to lock up your stuff if your desk is out in the open. This is really more of a cautionary tale than a tale of woe. You’re welcome.

Happy Friday, All!

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