The Spirit Animal Question (and my hair needs a cut)

Ever since I heard someone say that their spirit animal was Jackie Chan, I’ve been trying to figure out what mine is.

I used to think that my spirit animal was the wild horse, but that ended when I moved to France and found myself living with the presence of a gigantic horse that was on our land there. He wasn’t wild, but I think he was there to show me the error of my previous thinking and the extent of the unhorsey quality of my spirit. I still love the vision of running, wild horses… it’s just that the reality of being near a horse is different for me, I guess.

Exhibit A:


Clearly, I'm taken aback here. Also, this was taken in April (2013), and I remember how cold it was. I'm wearing a thick sweater under that jacket.

Clearly, I’m taken aback here. Also, this was taken in April (2013), and I remember how cold it was. I’m wearing a thick sweater under that jacket.


Look at the body language here! I’m not at ease. I’m smiling a little, but I’m leaning away from the horse, rather than toward him. He was a nice horse, though.

There was also a donkey there, and that was a totally different story. I adored that donkey. We called him Buddy.


Buddy! We often gave him treats. Here's Callaghan feeding him an apple.

Buddy! We often gave him treats. Here’s Callaghan feeding him an apple.


Our neighbor put a sign on the gate that proclaimed “Âne Mechant” (“Mean Donkey”), which we didn’t understand. That donkey was an absolute sweetheart.

Anyway, spirit animals. I’ve taken online quizzes that ALL tell me that my spirit animal is a wolf, but somehow, that doesn’t seem right. Something of the feline persuasion would make sense, but if anything, I feel more like an honorary cat due to being a cat mom. There’s a difference between being an animal and having that animal as a spirit animal. I can relate to the Wrah-Wrah better than I can relate to most people, but I don’t feel that I’m being led through life by a cat.

Okay! Different subject, since I came across this picture as I was going through my pictures from France in search of the horse and the donkey:


Me with short emo hair in France.

Me with short emo hair in France.


…and I do need to get my hair cut. Here’s a selfie I took by the elevator at work yesterday, specifically to see the length of my hair:


What is this length...

What is this length…


I’m not going to cut my hair short again, but I’m considering going for longish bangs, and maybe some long layers.

On that note, I’m off to get ready for work. Have a great day, guys!

2 thoughts on “The Spirit Animal Question (and my hair needs a cut)

  1. Great read…maybe your betting spirit animal and Animal Totem confused , and that is why your having trouble

    Below is an excerpt from an article that might help …

    “Spirit Animals and Totem Animals are two separate concepts many constantly confuse. Some even seem to think the two are interchangeable.

    ” The word “Totem” actually comes from the Anishinaabe word “Doh-Daym” (spelled Dodem) meaning “Clan”. Your Clan animal represents which family is in your lineage and what skills you are expected to master in order to serve the tribe (these days, the community). There is nothing mystical in the way a First Nations ( Native American ) person receives their Clan animal. Depending upon whether the tribe is Matrilineal (tracing a member’s lineage through their mother’s side of the family) or Patrilineal (tracing through the father) a Clan is decided at birth. The animal you are given represents the skills you will learn throughout your life. For instance: I am Bear Clan. The Bear represents a master medicine worker as the Bear knows what herbs and plants to dig up when it is ill. It also represents a tireless warrior and protector. These are the skills I bring to the table for my people. In the case of adoption or a Caucasian parentage, there usually is a Clan that serves as the “adoption Clan” and takes in members. The Anishinaabe are Patrilineal, and since my fiancee’s father is Caucasian, he is Eagle Clan or a member of the adoption clan.can’t get your spirit animal l figured out…

    Spirit animals are an entirely different concept that can be applied with or without First Nations lineage. A Spirit animal is a personal guide which can take many forms and have many purposes. For Instance, one of my friends (who is Scandinavian in lineage) has a wolf as her spirit animal. She has always had a fascination with them since childhood and has had many run-ins and dreams in which they have visited her. Other people have Spirit Animals that arrive in times of need or reflection.

    How can you tell if you have a spirit animal or who they are? They way it has always been explained to me is that the animal in question has to be behaving out of the ordinary in order for it to be considered legit. If you like moose a lot and just find them interesting that doesn’t count. But if a moose came and stood outside your front door and snorted at you…that would be a pretty huge clue. It has to be something outside of their nature, some way in which they reach out specifically to you. While I’m not sure if I have a spirit animal I have wondered if mine might be the Deer. I’ve had many strange run-ins with them such as them walking right up to me out of the woods, surrounding my dorm building and so on.

    Spirit Animals should be thought of more as patron animals. They support you and guide you when the going gets rough or when you’re just not SEEING something right in front of your face.”

    Hope that helps,,,and don’t worry about the hair,,,,both looked good on you,,,,but which would look better on wrah-wrah is the question….????




  2. Hi Wes, thank you for your comment and all the information! I think you’re right… I was confusing “animal spirit” with “totem animal.” I don’t know what either would be for me. I don’t think I’ll ever know my clan/totem animal; as for my spirit animal, I’ll be more attentive to the way animals approach me and behave around me, now, and note whether any animals show up in my dreams. =)

    Thank you… I’m getting my hair cut tonight, thank goodness. It’s past that annoying point!

    Yes, the Wrah-Wrah is the question!



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