The (feline) state of affairs chez nous.

Once again, I come to you with kitty news; while I don’t have an intention to always post fur-baby reports on Fridays, that’s how it’s been working out lately! Last weekend, we celebrated Nenette’s third week with us. We got her a new scratch pad. This one is for my office, since she’s taken to hanging out near my desk while I’m working, and she loves to lounge on scratch pads. She spends a lot of time on the ones in the living room.

In Nounours news, he’s still grieving the loss of his brother, and it’s painful to see. As I was telling a friend, he displayed an incredible show of longing for Wrah-Wrah last Sunday night.

He was lying on the bed with Wrah-Wrah’s urn, and I was doing the things I normally do to get ready for bed. One of those things is taking the urn from the foot of the bed and returning it to the dresser on the opposite wall.

When I did this on Sunday night, Nounours suddenly cried out, jumped up, and half-climbed onto the foot-board of the bed, stretching out his neck and leaning forward toward the urn, looking from it to me with a pleading light in his eyes. I was stunned. His vocalization, body language and expression articulated his desire so clearly that I quickly gave Wrah-Wrah’s urn back to him, placing it on the foot of the bed. He spent a few seconds head-butting the urn and rubbing his face on it before snuggling back down.

“Did you see that?” Callaghan asked, standing there in the same shock I was in. Neither of us could believe it. It was utterly heart-breaking.

Nounours watched over Ronnie James’ urn all that night. For the first time, I left it on the foot of the bed while we slept.


This is still a common sight.

This is still a common sight.


Then, a few nights later, I went out into the living room and found Nounours like this:


Stretched out where Wrah-Wrah used to rest.

Stretched out where Wrah-Wrah used to rest.


He usually doesn’t even sit on the couch, much less in that corner.

That striped cushion was the cushion on which Ronnie James spent a lot of time curled up next to me in the last few days of his life. It was always lying flat, and he loved it. On Wednesday night, Callaghan leaned it up against the back of the couch for the first time since Ronnie James’ death, and this was Nounours’ response. We took one look at him and knew from his demeanor that he was deep in a place of sadness and missing his Wrah-Wrah.


Nounours snuggling with Wrah-Wrah's cushion.

Nounours snuggling with Wrah-Wrah’s cushion.


Poor Nounours.

We all need more time, and there may never be enough time. Ronnie James’ presence in our house is so real, it’s like he’s here, but invisible.

On her part, Nenette did the following this week:

She read some books…

Nenette with "As I Lay Dying," one of my favorite works of literature.

Nenette with “As I Lay Dying,” one of my favorite works of literature.


…she played. A lot.


Not tired yet, Mommy!

Not tired yet, Mommy!


She discovered catnip…


What's this?

What’s this?


…and hugged her toys…


Mine! All mine!

Mine! All mine!


…tentatively kept company with her brother…


Nounours and Nenette hanging out in my office.

Nounours and Nenette hanging out in my office.


…and introduced herself to houseplants Jerome and Barclay.


Nenette getting up close and personal with Barclay the plant.

Nenette getting up close and personal with Barclay the plant.


I’d say she’s coming along pretty well, overall!

2 thoughts on “The (feline) state of affairs chez nous.

  1. I’ve been away and missed your newest addition! Congratulations on the arrival of Nenette!! And poor Nounours. So very, very sweet, but I do feel sad for him. Hopefully he will come to find rewarding companionship with his new sister.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Carol (and Carol’s Moms!) =) Nenette is a sweet little thing, and we look forward to the day she decides it’s time to cuddle with Nounours. As of now, their occasional moments just hanging out together is good for Nounours. We know that he appreciates having his new little sister around, even though his still misses his Wrah-Wrah so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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