Dusting off secrets (Haiku 6: Shadows) (Sharing original poems.)

Without preamble, I’ll go ahead and acknowledge that this set of haiku turned out to be just the faintest bit… creepy? Spooky? It wasn’t intentional, I swear. Not that I mind it in the least, though. I’m fond of creepy and spooky, and I like that these haiku came out this way of their own accord. Classical haiku has a way of taking on lives of their own within the 5-7-5 structure.

Haiku 6: Shadows

(by Kristi Garboushian)


Patterns will shelter
the historic, ancestral,
extinguished, entombed.

Shadow tree

Shadow tree


Prehistoric ghost
running Santa Monica
stairs, eyeteeth intact.

Shadow bike

Shadow bike


aging, voiceless between your
guardians… landlocked.

Shadow fence

Shadow fence


Palpable swivel:
alleles in a basin,
suspended in space.

Shadow self

Shadow self

In other news, we’ll have family visiting from France this week. They’re coming in tomorrow. I sense a whirlwind of housecleaning activity in today’s forecast… always a great side benefit of visitors!

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