“Limitlessness not one to bode well.” (Life trivia post!)

The quoted title is a line from the poem I’m currently writing. It’s one of the more positive of the lines that can stand apart from the narrative. In other words, I’m writing a narrative poem, and not of the frolicking bunnies variety.

That aside… well! Today I’ve got a post of randomness, more like life trivia than life updates. For those of you interested in the banal details that may festoon one’s experience at any given time, keep reading. Assorted little life “things” ahoy.

Thing one (the frivolous): We’ve officially joined the widening band of Ozark orphans screaming waiting for Season 3. Netflix has us by the throats.

Thing two (the anticipated): American Horror Story: Apocalypse starts this Wednesday! I’ve been watching the trailer on repeat (thank you, dear friend who sent it to me). Looks like Season 8’s a trip, and I’m already on it.



I. Am. Dying. For. This.

Thing three (the WTF): It’s planner-hunting season. At Target on Sunday I looked for the 2019 edition of my favorite planner, and I was left with questions: I found a shelf holding 2016 editions. Maybe there were some leftovers in the back and an employee didn’t look to see that they said 2016 rather than 2019 – ?


2016 planner found at Target in September 2018


I didn’t ask or notify anyone at Target about this, but on second thought, I think I will.

Thing four (the happy): Still, the sight of Geronimo provides a powerful dose of happiness. It just never fails. If I’m in an other-than-great mood – whatever it may be – it’s eradicated at first glimpse of that adorable, tortoisey face. Our little guy is definitely the greatest therapy the desert has to offer! (I’ll post a proper Geronimo update after his pre-hibernation exam that’s scheduled for 9/31!)


Greeting dew-dampened Geronimo at dawn


Thing five (the triumph): We had an interesting Body Pump sub experience on Saturday. I surprised myself, too: she chose one of the more challenging back tracks I’ve done, and I recklessly racked up my before-tennis-elbow weight and got through it, thus vanquishing the pesky mental block that somehow came between me and my former bar-weight. I figure if I can do that back track (#101, I believe) at my former bar-weight, then I can do any back track at that weight.

Thing six (the amusing): Fall semester has started. The house next door no longer belongs to the fraternity, but the current batch of ASU students in there throws much louder parties. They make the bros look tame. We still don’t mind the parties, but the idea of it amuses us.

That’s all for today! I hope your week is going swimmingly. (I mean it, but I also just wanted to use that word.)


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