ACV: my odd addiction.

In today’s episode of personal trivia extraordinaire, I’m sharing my odd addiction. If you already know about this, you’re reading an update: I’m still hooked.

The thing itself isn’t odd. What’s odd is that I’m hooked on something I don’t even really like. That’s how you know it’s an addiction, I guess, sometimes. Right? Low-key, I mean. Obviously I’m not going to land in rehab if I quit drinking…

apple cider vinegar.


Bragg’s Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar


Today, after polishing off yet another bottle of ACV, I cracked open a new one (see pic) and found myself wondering again how I managed to get hooked on something that tastes… weird. To me. It tastes weird, and it is weird: I don’t like this stuff, but I love it.

I first tried ACV in October 2016, and I’ve had it every day since. It’s now been two years.

It’s refreshing, though! methinks. It somehow makes cold water seem colder. I feel like it helps me to digest, like it’s cleansing in my stomach somehow (upper-G.I., not lower).

There are claims that ACV is a health miracle in a bottle. There are claims that ACV is terrible for you. I’m just sitting here in the middle of the debate going how is it that I’m running low again? Must get more.

Two large spoonfuls a day. Two years. Countless bottles. I actually wouldn’t mind owning stock in Bragg. (I once tried a garden-variety ACV, and it wasn’t the same. I couldn’t do it.)

Panacea in a bottle, I don’t know. Message in a bottle, maybe. If I’m going to have an addiction to a beverage, then this is a good one. At least I can still drive after drinking it.



4 thoughts on “ACV: my odd addiction.

  1. I liked this post, it made me smile. I have never settled on a side of the apple cider vinegar debate, but if it works for you and doesn’t hurt you, then keep it up!


  2. It’s an interesting debate, for sure. ~My friends are enabling me with wonderful other ACV-use suggestions! haha. ~I’m happy to make you smile. =)


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