Medical travel blog in pics (aka a bunch of selfies and food pics.)

We’re taking this to a new level of silliness today, because there’s not much I can say regarding this medical/research trip. I’ve been taking pics along the way, instead. I’m afraid there’s no attempt at artistry going on here… this is literally a see-what-I’m-seeing sort of display that ended up being mostly food and selfies. You who enjoy the latter are going to love this post! It’s a rare selfie extravaganza. But let’s start in the bathroom at Sky Harbor International Airport and go from there. Haha!



(Jansport backpack with a Kipling monkey, in case you know your backpacks and you’re confused by this pic)

Benefit of having short legs: relative comfort in small aircraft economy seating

I’m almost never without a protein bar. I still had one in my bag after I ate this one. In fact, half of my suitcase was food.

Washed out next to the window in my room

These blooms smell divine!

Vegan pizza Margherita (delivery for the win)

The “after.”




Literally dropping with fatigue after a long day at the hospital.

Got back to my room, flopped on the bed, threw my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun, and snapped this pic.

I did a little shopping at the hospital’s retail store.

This protein power snack mix is one of my new favorite things!!! I scarfed down most of the bag and had to restrain myself from eating the rest. I’d ordered food from Chipotle.

Chipotle burrito bowl: brown rice, sofritas (tofu), black beans, fresh tomato salsa, fajita veggies, romaine lettuce, and guacamole.

The “after.”

Jumbled assortment of toiletries and makeup before I organized them all again


Tuesday (today):

Getting ready to conquer my second day of hospital appointments

My once-a-year bathroom selfie

x2. Today was brain day, which required loose, comfy clothing.

Tonight’s Door Dash delivery: a falafel/hummus wrap. I ate the whole thing, so there were no remains to photograph.


Exciting, right??! [insert laughing/crying emoji here] Thursday’s post will contain more of the same. I plan to make it to the hospital’s little gym tomorrow afternoon, and that’s an environment I should be able to photograph! Pretty much the only pics I can take in the hospital, itself, are in the bathrooms.



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