Medical travel blog in pics, part 2. (More selfies and food pics!)

You want selfies, I got you. You want food pics, I got you. You want to know where I am and what exactly’s going on, I don’t got you. Not yet, anyway. It’s not a big deal, but I just wasn’t sure whether I was allowed to mention it. It turns out that I can, so next week Tuesday… I got you.

Here’s the rest of this medical travel week, starting with Wednesday (yesterday):


About to leave my room for my morning appointments

A second day of hospital bathroom selfies. Imagine that!

I helped myself to this sleeveless hooded tank when Callaghan put it in his to-donate pile. Shopping your partner’s clothing cast-offs pays off sometimes. This tank is large, but it works well over a long-sleeve top.

Last night’s Door Dash delivery: bok choy with black mushrooms and soft tofu, brown rice, and miso soup with seaweed and tofu.

The “after.” I demolished all of the bok choy, seaweed, and tofu. I ate maybe three mushrooms, and I barely touched the rice or the broth. I was really just craving the greens. They were delicious. Do you, too, feel the life flowing back into your veins when you eat the greens you’re craving?

This right here is LIFE in a plastic spoon. This seaweed was SO GOOD. There was a lot of it, too.


Thursday (today):


This selfie was taken with a timer, and, well, you know my phenomenal camera and pic skills.

I did think of looking in the mirror while taking this shot, though. Today’s outfit was my standard uniform of jeans, boots, and t-shirt.

Tonight’s Door Dasher brought this fabulous Pad Thai with a side of brown rice. I asked for broccoli with the tofu, green onions, and crushed peanuts. There was no food left for an “after” pic.

I leave early tomorrow morning! My bedside table is set for Friday.

Last night showering in this huge bathroom.

And a last-minute selfie here in the lamplight.


In case you’re wondering, I had Door Dash bring dinner all week because while I sincerely tried to eat the hospital food, I just couldn’t do it. Moreover, the portions here are small compared to the volume of food I normally eat, so it wouldn’t have been enough even if I did want to eat it. I wasn’t the only one who sought food from other places! No one’s meals went to waste, though. We know we can eat from other peoples’ trays if they go unclaimed. I did forage through my tray every once in a while to see whether there was anything I wanted. One time, I found some broccoli. I scarfed it down inside of two minutes. It wasn’t bad. Broccoli is broccoli.

For lunches, I mostly ate protein bars, trail-mix-type foods, and fresh fruit bought from the canteen. There was the one day that I bought sushi from the canteen. It was surprisingly good! Sushi from a military canteen!




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