The mirror came home, and good times were had.

I have an update on last week Tuesday’s post topic! My friend Margaret offered to take me to get the haunted mirror, and so we went… and we made a whole splendiferous day of it. That was Sunday. Now that the mirror is home and the listing has been removed from Craigslist, I can tell you that it was down in Tucson. What casual visitor doesn’t love a Sunday on Fourth Avenue in Tucson? That whole town’s got a great vibe.


Gargoyle above Tucson’s Sacred Art Tattoo on 4th


(No, Mom, I didn’t get another tattoo. Haha.)

Traffic was good, so it took just less than two hours to get there. Tuscon is 101 miles south of my house, and Sedona is 100 miles north, but it takes a little longer to get to Sedona because of the terrain and altitude of the high desert. The drive to Sedona usually ends up being almost exactly two hours long.


Restroom/junk food stop on the way to Tucson


Let me tell you about the mirror, though! It’s a beauty. It’s an authentic antique, said my antique expert friend and partner-in-crime, and I’ve currently got it leaning against the wall on my antique German trunk. I think I’ll leave it there.


“Very old mirror” in my office


In case you were wondering, never fear – I do plan to follow up on my threats to present an updated office tour. It’s coming together, this place. It’s very nearly finished. My décor theme is “haunted cathedral,” and this mysterious little mirror fits in perfectly! I’ve been waiting for Halloween season to arrive in all its commercial glory so I could find inexpensive finishing touches to add. (As far as I’m concerned, Halloween season is when you buy “occasion” stuff for year-round.) This mirror, though, is a piece of high quality. I haven’t seen evidence of possession yet, but it definitely looks like it has stories to tell.



2 thoughts on “The mirror came home, and good times were had.

  1. I think it is haunted, which is probably why it took so long to sell. I think it’s interesting and not a coincidence that you chose to take a picture of it with the reflection of a door in it. The door is closed now, but……


  2. Ahh I think you’re right. Something has “happened” since its arrival, which I’ll write about in a future post. If the door is inexplicably open next time I take a pic, I’ll let you know!


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