Unstitched at last. (Post-op update 4!)

The corny word of the day is “whew.” I was so terribly relieved to walk out of the oral surgeon’s office this morning with no stitches.

I don’t have pics of my new gums yet, though. “It’ll take a good two, maybe three months for your gums in the front to drop,” said the doctor. I might have pics at the end of February, then… I mean, I’ll have them for my own reference. If any of you are still interested in seeing the before/after, I’ll post them here!

The doctor showed me how to brush my teeth to coax my new gums down.

As for eating, I’m not permitted to bite into anything with my front teeth or to use my front teeth at all for “at least” another month. I don’t feel that I’m that limited in what I can eat, though! If I can put the food on a utensil and stick it into my mouth and chew it with my back teeth, then we’re good! I suppose I can eat almost anything I want if I cut it up into little pieces. I’m also having to take small bites and eat slowly, which I’m finding feels natural as I transition from not eating to eating.

Examples of foods I’ll avoid due to lack of patience and little trust that I can chew them with just my back teeth: sandwiches, protein bars, any solid fruits or sturdy, raw veggies, hearty breads, etc.

I’m just so happy to be able to eat anything at all. I weighed myself yesterday. I’ve lost about eight pounds since the surgery.

Oh! As time passes, my new gums will start to feel like they belong in my mouth, and that’ll also be nice!

I’m still lisping a little bit, but that will resolve itself soon. My gums are still tender. (It hurt like a mofo having the stitches removed.) I’m still not totally comfortable smiling normally, which is, like, whatever at this point. My face has been mostly immobile for three weeks, so I’m used to it now. Ha!

I’m so grateful to be feeling better. The uncomfortable stitches are gone, my appetite is coming back, and I can eat again. I’ll be able to have Thanksgiving side dishes, and I’ve got some really good ones on my menu. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is in two days!



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