One hour before midnight on Thanksgiving Day…

It is indeed Thursday! It’s Thanksgiving here in the States, and after a full, exhilarating day of food and family-related activities, I’m just now – in the middle of doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen – realizing that today is a Thursday… and it’s an hour before midnight.

So I’m here to say Happy Thanksgiving to my people who celebrate gratitude with family and friends, and also to let you know that tomorrow I’ll be back with a proper Thursday post.  It’ll be my Black Friday of blog posts, buy one and get one free.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, aka Retail Insanity Day (RID) as retailers mark down some of their wares to irresistibly low costs and millions of salivating Americans lose their minds trying to get them. I believe the day is actually meant to kick off Christmas-shopping season. Black Friday is a whole shopping event. For sure it’s a great time to get your appliances and other things that you need!

I prefer the online option to going out and getting trampled in the aisles, but I’m going to do less of that this year. Do I really need to stock up on a year’s worth of stuff from The Body Shop? I’m still trying to use up my stock from last year’s Black Friday!

At any rate, I’m now blathering (about I don’t even know what) while my kitchen needs me desperately. Until tomorrow, then.



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