New times.


I posted here at nine minutes to midnight on Tuesday, and now it’s Thursday and it’s 11pm. I believe that my blog-posting time will be changing to these later hours, like, officially.

This is because my weekday evening agenda now includes working out and washing my hair. Two things changed when I got my full-time job: my Tuesday/Thursday morning workouts became Tuesday/Thursday evening workouts, and also, I’m washing my hair every night now. It takes time.

The virus is the reason for both changes. I went back to work full-time because Callaghan was laid off due to a virus-shutdown-related “reduction in force” at his job, and I wash my hair every weekday night now because I’m out at work all day in the midst of a raging pandemic. As far as I’m concerned, the virus comes home with me when I get off work. It’s on my clothes and it’s in my hair, and both need to be washed.

Both of the changes make me happy, though. I never would’ve stumbled into my awesome job in the Before Time. I never would’ve quit the gym to work out at home exclusively. The only thing amiss in this picture is the time that I post in this space. I’m fixing that by changing the time. Thank you for understanding!

I do not want this 11pm-midnight business to continue, though. I should be in bed by now. I aim to post here by 10pm, certainly no later than 10:30pm.

Long-time readers, do you remember years ago when I used to post in the early mornings before going to work? Do you know how I did it?

Yeah, neither do I.


too late baby


I just took the above selfie. My hair is drying. I’m washed out by the light. I’m super tired, but I’m feeling blessed.

Happy Friday Eve, my friends.



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