Every weird feeling is (…)

Maybe it’s paranoia, but I’ve been feeling vaguely strange in my body lately, and I can’t help but wonder. I still have the residual cough from the pneumonia I had in January, so that’s accounted for, but there are other little things, such as I now experience intermittent, unusual discomfort around the lower part of my rib cage on my left side. The pneumonia was in my lower left lung lobe. Has it come back? I don’t have a fever, but I didn’t have one when I was sick in January, either. I tend to not get fevers. You don’t need to have a fever to have COVID. That’s the thing.

I’m sure it’s all normal and fine. There’s probably some kind of workout stress going on in that area. I should stop reading COVID articles that announce new symptoms. After the last one I read, it’s clear that any symptom can indicate the virus.

I also have a dull, achy, burning UTI-ish feeling, probably because my bladder is stressed on account of the fact that I don’t empty it as soon as I need to during the day. I’m not used to holding it. I should stop doing that… TMI, but now you know. (Because, of course, you had to know that I’ll be running to the restroom 3x/hour from now on.)

In other news, I had a moment last night and today I hurried out of work after my eight hours and went to get my hair cut, because what am I going to do, not get my hair cut professionally until 2021 or longer?

It hit me all of a sudden. It had to be done!

I wanted short hair again, and it’s short, but not as short as I’d like. I should’ve asked her to go a little more. I like having short hair; it’s especially great now that I’m washing my hair every night. Short hair is faster and easier to wash and dry. I’ll probably wear it pinned back, as I did when I went to the gym with short hair. Nondescript. Unobtrusive. Comfortable. It’ll be out of my way, and I won’t have to think about it.

I’ll take a selfie tomorrow or the next day for Thursday’s post!

Having short hair again makes me want to wear my chokers and collars, but I feel like there’s some kind of line as far as how alternative I can get away with being at work… in my head, anyway.

I’m still so stoked about getting to dress in jeans and t-shirts as opposed to “business casual.” I wouldn’t wear every t-shirt I own, though. I’ve identified the ones I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing to work:

  • the ones with the word “vegan” on them, or that in some other way celebrate a plant-based life
  • the ones with Marilyn Manson on them, for instance
  • the ones with anything even vaguely political on them
  • around Halloween I’ll want to wear my Halloween horror movie shirt, because only then will I feel justified in wearing a shirt with Michael Meyers’ ghostly white mask and two big slashy daggers crossed in the front.

so there’s that.

(I really have minimalized my t-shirt collection, by the way. The thing is that I tend to get a new one when I donate one. I have kind of a problem.)

I’m also liking posting here at this time of night. It’s not ideal for me to be up this late, but I feel more like I’m talking to you, personally. It’s quiet. I’m not feeling pressured by time. Admittedly, I’m later tonight than I would be had I refrained from getting my hair cut after work.

It really is my intention to be better on social media, to engage more, or at all, for that matter. There are wonderful recent comments on my posts linking to this blog, and I haven’t replied yet because I simply haven’t been on those platforms for any length of time. There’s no excuse. I’m still aiming to create new routines, and I will, and social media will be a part of it to an extent.





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