Mini minimalism update + mini UNminimalist haul.

Well, since you asked how it’s going… minimalism is hard.

I’ve been able to keep categories of things minimal, but others have been more challenging, and I’m constantly heaping things up in a garbage bag destined for the Goodwill. I manage to hover in a degree of minimalism in some areas, I struggle in others, and I donate a lot throughout. For me, it’s about the maintenance of the effort along with a desire to inch forward into sparser territory.

It’s never been my goal to live in a white/neutral space with five possessions. Of all the rooms in my house, my office comes the closest to my minimalism ideal as far as interiors go. Have I mentioned that I painted my desk wall black? I love it so much that I’m planning to paint an accent wall in the living room the same shade. The black wall gives me a fulfilling sense of emptiness and peace. It frees my mind, inspires creativity.

My recent interior focus, though, has been my laundry room. It needed attention after years spent in disarray; with the washing machine finally repaired, I fixed an eye on it. Why not create a space that I can enjoy? Several things from the house made their way out there, some of which I had in my office… old things, thrifted things.

I do have some recent acquisitions that are new, though. This is my latest minimalism fail: there’s a shop on Etsy that sells additional items on their website, and there, I found some items for sale at ridiculous clearance prices. I liked them. I got them. They go with the laundry room’s boho vibe. Yes, there’s furniture in the laundry room… a large ottoman, a bookcase, a wicker and metal dining room chair, and a small glass vanity table. The latter serves as a roof for Salem’s winter bed.

Anyway, I have pics. I know you want to see them. (Heheh.) I took these in my office against the aforementioned black wall, even though none of these items belong in here. I’ve got the throw pillow with its new cover out in the laundry room along with the origami star ornaments, and three of the green glass tumblers are in the kitchen cabinet. The fourth one is in my bathroom.

Check it out!

Jewel tones for your dark boho mood:


Adah Mandala throw pillow cover, heather light green tumblers, purple 3-piece origami star ornament set (from Just Artifacts)


Heather light green tumblers


Purple 3-piece origami star ornament set


Purple 3-piece origami star ornament set


Adah Mandala throw pillow cover


As always, these pics are 100% untouched-up, not only due to my laziness when it comes to learning how to do cool stuff to pics, but also because I wanted the colors to represent themselves.


Adah Mandala throw pillow cover
Purple 3-piece origami star ornament set
Heather light green tumblers

I just love these colors. I love purple and green together.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.



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