Making plans, getting back on track.

The weekend starts tomorrow, as do a lot of things. I’m sorry for my vagueness here. What I can say for now is that events have turned. Shenanigans are afoot. I have all manner of personal and house-related work to see to.

But first, I’m taking this weekend to decompress, I’ve decided.

Throughout the upcoming week and into the next weekend is when I’ll clean and purge the house, and that’s going to feel good. I have some new routines to establish, and I’m looking forward to doing that, too.

Most importantly: I’m stepping back into my creative cycle, where I’ll pick up the poem series I left to collect dust too long ago. I’m anticipating sending out my novel again when the new season opens – that would be mid/late September – and I want to start thinking, again, of my next novel. There’s so much that I want to write, so many worlds I want to visit.

I’m feeling energized thinking about my task list. I know it won’t be like a few weeks ago when I tried out every pen in my multi-colored felt-tip pen set so I could toss the ones that’ve dried out, and it felt like a big accomplishment. No. I see many days ahead filled with big accomplishments from doing actual big things.

Speaking of shenanegans and apropos of nothing, a new group of bros moved into the university-owned former frat house next door, and they’re having a huge party tonight. At 7:30pm, the sidewalks on our street and around the corners were already lined with cars. People were walking toward the house with cases of beer. Because it seems that COVID doesn’t exist anymore, have you heard?

The university is actually re-opening, at least partially, with students moving into dorms and everything, and the house next door is packed with party-goers who probably aren’t wearing the masks they had on when they went in.

I fear that this isn’t going to end well for some of them.

I’m not grumbling, mind you. This is not a “get off my lawn” situation I’m feeling. It’s a “worried for the human race” kind of thing. Like Pluto, COVID is no longer a planet as far as some individuals are concerned.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.



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