Desk in distress. (Office updates + plant family!)

Plans to post an office update almost fizzled out, but here we are, after all. I debated the matter only because there’s actually not much to show you this time. I painted my desk wall black – the biggest change I’ve ever made to this space – and I ended up liking it so much that I decided to keep the rest of the room pretty minimal.

There’s the black accent wall. There are clocks and other objects I already had. I have my beloved plant family, a plethora of plants that adds green to the room. Most of the few objects here and there are green, and any metallic accents are in silver tones.

In its previous state, I’d put color into the room, as you may remember. There was going to be color in this state, as well, but it didn’t turn out that way. The idea was to decorate the black wall with colorful things, but when I sat down in front of it for the first time, its emptiness opened and revealed a calming space. The black wall is a nothing, and it’s wonderful for creating. For the longest time, I had bare walls with only my plants for color. I’ve come back around to that. It feels right.

The room doesn’t look like much, I know. What’s special about it is the feel of it, and that’s not a thing that pics can relay! I can definitely show you my plant family, though, because those guys are absolutely thriving. They were doing well before I painted the wall black, but now? I’ve never seen them this happy. They love the daylight bouncing back from the finish of the dark paint.


Looking in


The haunted cathedral (Canterbury) hasn’t moved


The wall of nothingness:

By day


By night


Where I sit more of the time:

My desk in distress


The room is oddly arranged with different things going on in each corner.

Desk corner


Tapestry corner


Tapestry corner at dusk – I strung some lights across the tapestry to give it night stars


Memorabilia corner


Cat tree corner with Butsudan: the crowded corner that only makes sense to me, probably (and to Nenette)


Speaking of…

Nenette caught by surprise. She is not happy. At all.


A few details…

The haunted mirror in its (tapestry) corner home


Indoor starry night


Now for a closer meeting with my plant babies!




Little Guy:

Little Guy








Baby Barclay:

Baby Barclay





Barclay, lush and full down to his last tendril as I’ve never seem him before:



Four of them along their wall!

Holder, Little Guy, Thoreau, Flamingo


Also, my friend Jessica gifted me with a sloth.

Resident sloth loves Flamingo


More details:

Thrifted bottles and goblet


The Beowulf gargoyle still surveying the room from his spot above the closet:

The Beowulf gargoyle hasn’t moved, either


A closer look at my current t-shirt display: Sirus, one of my favorite industrial music projects.

Sirus (band) – the Apocrypha album


And on the window sill…

My old dragon candlestick from West Germany (1987)


There you have it.

The laundry room, now? That’s where all the color went! I’m thinking I’ll invite you into my (and Geronimo and Salem’s) laundry room next. There’s finally something to be seen in there.

I hope you’re all having a splendiferous start to your week!



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