In which I’m going to get slightly obnoxious. (COVID pandemic-related plea.)

[Edited for brevity]

I don’t know, man. We all need to wear masks. We really do, because we’re being stalked by a demonic virus, and there’s no exorcist, and no, I’m not being overly dramatic. The virus has now infected a person in my life, and from what I’ve heard from that person, I wouldn’t wish COVID on my worst enemy.

It can’t be said enough that this virus is not “like the flu.” There might be more deaths from the flu, but statistics like that aren’t reassuring or meaningful. COVID is more contagious than the flu, and I’m pretty sure that death by flu isn’t as painful and horrific as death by COVID. Pretty sure no one ever lost hands, feet, arms, or legs to the flu. COVID can and does attack every organ in the body. Blood clots are common. COVID can lead to amputation and kidney dialysis, among other critical medical interventions. I just haven’t heard of this happening with the flu. Neither have I heard first-hand testimony about the flu to match the awfulness of the first-hand testimony I’ve heard thus far about COVID.

Please be careful out there.

Let’s all just stay safe.



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